Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 1: Your fave book

This is a hard one. I enjoy them all in very, very different ways. The first ones are so adorably innocent, and then when the teenage drama comes...boy, is it dramatic! Towards the end you also hear less and less about the lessons and life at Hogwarts and more about the war against Voldemort, which I look at a bit regretfully. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it, but I miss hearing about the lessons at Hogwarts. Maybe I just am such a big nerd that I need school even in the books I read...

So, back to the question. I think it's a close tie between Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince. OotP, because the characters grow amazingly much during the book and reality really starts to kick in, in the form of Voldemort being back, but still hidden. And because I remember the feeling that no-one else understood anything as well as I did, that Harry radiates so much during the course of the book. HBP, because you get such a big dip down the history of Voldemort, and history freak as I am I have to love that (I could use the same argument for DH, except with Dumbledore instead of Voldemort of course). And because Harry acts like an idiot many times, but in the end he was right, though his obsession with Malfoy's business became really tiring.

So, yeah. I think OotP and HBP have to go on competing for the number one spot on my favourite HP books.

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