Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 7: Fave female character and why

Well, I've told you my thoughts about the characters earlier. Many of the females are very strong characters, but to pick a favourite...I'm gonna go with Minerva McGonagall. She is a fantastic witch, a fantastic character to have in the series. Throughout the books she is there to help in one way or another, and when she isn't it's just like Harry described: like the floor was crashing under his feet, because he had been counting on her being there. She is a stable character, but with a surprising depth.
Also, through Pottermore I've learned a lot more about professor McGonagall. The information revealed there was very, very interesting to read, and made her an even more fleshed-out character than she already was. So yes, Minverva McGonagall is my favourite.

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