Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30. Which song from "Imaginaerum" (other than the new single) are you most anxious to hear?

Like I said, I'm starting with the last number on the list. Tomorrow the first will follow!

Right now I'm waiting most to hear the full version of Turn Loose the Mermaids. The clip I've heard was just so beautiful I can't wait to hear more of the song. But Last Ride of the Day, Ghost River and I Want My Tears Back don't follow far after!
Only a little more than seven days left!


  1. I've heard them all now. Ghost River is INCREDIBLE. The Crow, The Owl, And The Dove is also quite a masterpiece. The whole album is amazing, well except Slow, Love, Slow isn't really my style of music, but has some incredible elements none the less.

  2. I've also heard them all now - most are truly incredible! The one disappointment I suffered was with I want my tears back; I think it promised more than it gave.