Saturday, December 10, 2011

8. Favorite album/EP coverart

Oh, God. They're all so amazin I'm having a really hard time to choose! DPP and Imaginaerum are both a little bit too dark for me, even though I love the flying musical sheets on DPP. Maybe Wishmaster will take the prize, because of the beautiful fantasy the little boy is bringing to life. And for the question Tuomas once answered: What is written on the scroll next to the boy on the cover of Wishmaster? - The same that is written on the scroll the owl carries on the cover of Oceanborn.
And you do know we can see that same owl again on one of the artworks for Imaginaerum?

On second place I think I'll place Once, because of the simplicity that still creates a magnificent picture. And I've seen the actual statue they used...

My own picture of Emelyn Story's grave, and Angel of Grief that rests on it

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