Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kuorosota update

The Finnish people has spoken, and in my humble opinion we made a very good choice. Ilkka Alanko and Marco Hietala will compete in the final episode of Clash of the Choirs - Kuorosota. So without any extra ceremonies, like I wished for earlier, Kristiina's choir was kicked out of the competition. And this time they actually deserved to be kicked out too: I didn't like either of the arrangements of the two songs she had chosen for her choir (Kate Perry's I kissed a girl and Jason Mraz' I'm yours).
But what I did like was Marco's and Ilkka's choirs' performances. Simply amazing! This week each choir performed two songs, and they had permission to have a guest star in one of the songs. Ilkka's guest star was Aki Tykki, the singer from Happoradio whose song they also performed. Marcos guest star? His eight-year-old twin sons Antto and Miro. I have never, ever seen anything cuter than the two Hietala juniors standing in front of the big choir and singing Uniklubi's Huomenna. I can't tell the difference between them (mening which one is Antto and which one Miro), but me and my sister enjoyed the fact that the one that stands to the right in the video (from the camera's point of view) looks like a miniature copy of Marco, while the other one strongly resembles their mother Satu.

Marco's choir's other performance was no less awesome: they performed the song I walk forever from Tarot's brand new album (published last week) and thus made it a world premier for the song. Marco, of course, sang the solo part along with his band companion Tommi, who also is a part of his choir. Simply amazing in my opinion: you can judge by yourselves.

I'd also like for you to see Ilkka's choir's performances. They were not much less amazing than Marco's, especially the guy singing (and dancing!) solo in Rasputin was so great. So do check them out! The songs are Boney M's Rasputin and Happoradio's Che Guevara.

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